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Wooden Stand Manufacturing

On this page you are viewing some of our stands made of wood material. Our wooden product stands, which have been carefully designed and tested for firmness, are manufactured without sacrificing quality. Wooden stands are generally used for Soap, Beer, Sunshine, Cosmetics, Batteries and all other display products.

Wire Stand Production

Thanks to experienced engineer cadmium, special production wire stands can be produced in accordance with technical drawings in sensitive tolerances.

Graphic design

In the design process in the Stand Fabric, we never start to make samples without obtaining customer approval with a real example. Once the design has received customer approval, it reaches the production department without any differences and the production process is started. In this way, the product quality reaches 100%. The difference in the sand factories is due to the fact that customer satisfaction is taken as basis and production is made in accordance with these principles.

The premiere of the stand

Corporate identity is the name given to the visible aspect of an institution. The institution is the way of expressing itself. This statement is drawn on certain boundaries and is usually an unchanging expression. The institutional identity book is an indispensable element of this system, which indicates the measures and how to use a design that will remind the institution. It is stated that in a corporate identity design, everything is measured and used in everything from office design to emblem (logo), from clothing to clothing, from letterhead, to letterhead, from web site to advertisement, from packaging design to activity report. Stand is the sine qua non of the companies.

Shipping and Manufacturing

Our demount display stands, where you can display one or more products, are presented with 3D design and approval. The sample is prepared and passed through the testing process before the batch is passed. The display stands that successfully pass this process are produced in a short time in series. Our stands are structured to be demounted into pieces. In this way, it is projected in a way that takes the least space in the container in the international shipments. Metal, MDF, plexi, dakota materials are used in the exhibition stands in the direction of your need.

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